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Below are the final letters that we received in regards to the VA-07 congressional race. These are all opinion letters that were sent to Richmond 2day to publish. We said we would not publish any letters the during the last week of the election. However, we believe that the people should have a spot to let heir voice be heard. Certain media will try and silence an opinion or idea, but that is not us. We received several letters in support of Spanberger, and zero for Brat.

We actively have searched among Brat supporters for someone to write a letter in support of him, but we have yet to receive one. Due to the number of letters in support of Spanberger that we received, we decided to post a few.

College students need a champion. Abigail Spanberger is her name.

I am graduating this December from the University of Richmond, and like many college
students, I will be graduating with student loans. In fact, the average student from the Class of 2018 graduated with $39,400 in student loan debt, and student loan debt currently accounts for the largest portion of all debt at $1.5 billion. This crisis has ballooned over the past decade with the rapidly increasing cost of college and decreasing amount of relief programs.

In Washington, Dave Brat betrayed our students as a member of the Education and
Workforce Committee. He supported H.R. 4508, also known as the PROSPER Act. The
PROSPER Act would eliminate most grant programs and end the Public Service Loan
Forgiveness program while deregulating restrictions on predatory student loans companies and for-profit colleges. Representative Brat’s support for the PROSPER Act benefits predatory corporations while the students and graduates pay the price throughout Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Our students need a leader in Washington, D.C. who will tackle the outrageous rising
cost of college, expand VOTECH programs, and expand student loan debt relief. Our students need a champion in D.C., and Abigail Spanberger is her name.

Shannon Kane is a graduating senior from the University of Richmond and resident of Henrico
County’s Brookland District.

Why Spanberger?

I’m 61, a native and lifelong resident of Henrico County and this is my first Letter to the Editor.

Why? because I’m angry as hell and deeply saddened by our seemingly collective apathy over turning our country over to a few monied groups.

I’m voting for Abigail Spanberger in the 7th District Congressional mid-term election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. I think that you and your readers should, too.

Spanberger is not “owned” by Big Money PACs and is a true patriot, having served her country as a CIA Officer.

Spanberger will fix the broken VA. Dave Brat promised to do so. He did nothing.

Spanberger will listen and represent us, her constituents. Brat’s voting record shows that he does not work for us; he works for the Big Money PACs.

He voted to give millionaires permanent tax cuts costing us more than $1 trillion in new debt. He voted for a temporary, tiny tax break for the working folks. He talks about being fiscally conservative. His actions show otherwise.

If he gets elected, he has promised to “restructure” (cut) Social Security. Spanberger will protect Social Security and fight for our healthcare to be affordable and to cover pre-existing conditions.

Brat says he wants to hold office for eight more years, then retire.

I say retire Brat now and vote Abigail Spanberger to represent us in the 7th Congressional District.

We can’t afford one more day of Brat’s type of representation. We need real leadership, not representation bought and paid for by Brat’s Big Money PACs.

Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves.

Cindi Graesser

What is at Stake, Tuesday

Dave Brat is a “man of principle.”What he has done in the past, he will do again.
Dave Brat sponsored, cosponsored or voted for the following.


(HR 2157) to deprive a president of authority to ban oil drilling on the continental shelf.
(HR 806) to weaken EPA ability to enforce clean air standards.
(HConRes 119) to declare that a carbon tax is bad for the economy
(HR 3281) to dispose of federal reclamation projects.
(Amendment to appropriation act) to prohibit EPA from enforcing Chesapeake Bay clean-up goals.
(HR 1119) to lower emission standards for coal-burning plants.
S(HJRes 38) to allow coal mines to pollute rivers and streams.
(HR 1525) to discourage lawsuits to enforce the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act.
(HR 3880) to ban EPA from dealing with climate change.


(HR 1181) to allow mentally incompetent veterans to buy guns.
(HR 38) to allow concealed weapon permit holders to possess guns in school zones.
(HJRes 40) to allow persons adjudged to be a danger to themselves or others to buy guns.
(HR 3139) to remove minimum sentences for individuals committing crimes using silencers on their weapons.


(HR 4712 and HR 36) to make it more difficult for women to have access to medically safe abortions.
(HJRes 43) to allow states to withhold funding from family planning organizations.
(HR 3134) to defund Planned Parenthood.
(HR 7) to permanently ban federal funds from being used for abortions and to ban health plans under the Affordable Health Care Act from offering abortion coverage.


(HR 5824) to deprive certain foreign nationals of freedom to practice their religion.
(HR 5812) to deprive transgender or transsexual Americans of civil rights protection.
(HR 4974 amendment) to allow government contractors to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identification.


(HR 1) to grant tax cuts, mainly to the wealthy, despite Congressional Budget Office prediction that the bill would increase the national debt by $1.8 trillion.
(HR 6756, 6757 and 6760) that would add at least $700 billion more to the national debt just in the next ten years.
(HJRes 119) a toothless “balanced budget amendment” that does nothing other than direct Congress to balance government revenues and outlays within ten years.


(HR 2266) against providing additional federal money for hurricane relief or for fighting wild fires.
(HR 5199) to use public school money for grants to military families.
(HR 6268) to bar Internal Revenue Service employees from joining a union.
(HR 3114) to eliminate the Export Import Bank.
(HR 6213) to discourage lawsuits brought to challenge religious items or symbols in public buildings or spaces.

If Dave Brat wins, you lose. Vote Spanberger.

By Bert Berlin

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