Find out the new Virginia – alcohol laws that begin July 1

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Pricing changes

This law increases the Virginia ABC general license application fee from $65 to $195 and the application fee for mixed beverage special event licenses from $15 to $45 and increases the state tax on wine shipper’s licenses, beer shipper’s licenses and wine and beer shipper’s licenses from $95 to $230. These increases were proposed to be more reflective of the amount of work involved in processing the applications and were the result of many discussions and meetings between Virginia ABC and industry stakeholders. Additional revenues will be utilized to support Enforcement operations.

No longer need written statement for license 

This law removes the requirement that applicants for certain ABC licenses provide a statement, under oath, setting forth any information required by the Board of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. The bill replaces the requirement with a provision that requires applicants to provide a written statement swearing and affirming that all of the information contained in the application is true.

CEO Confirmation

This joint resolution confirms the governor’s appointment of the Virginia ABC Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Establish Substance Use Advisory Committee

This bill directs the Virginia ABC Board to establish and appoint members to the Virginia Institutions of Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee, with the goal of developing and updating a statewide strategic plan for substance use education, prevention and intervention at Virginia’s public and private institutions of higher education.

Records can be stored off-site 

This law permits electronic records of retail licensees to be stored off site under certain conditions, provided that such records are readily retrievable and available for electronic inspection by the Board or its special agents at the licensed premises.

Distillery changes 

This law allows licensed distillers to include in samples, spirits or vermouth not manufactured on the licensed premises, provided that at least 75 percent of the spirits used are manufactured on the distillery’s premises.


This law expands the privileges of the existing annual mixed beverage special events license to include museums or other facilities owned by the locality and used primarily for historic interpretation.

Internet retailer licenses 

An Internet beer retailer license has been created. It gives the privileges of and fee for the license and defines “Internet beer retailer.”

Swim Clubs

This law allows any private swim club operated by a duly organized nonprofit corporation or association to allow its members to bring and consume lawfully acquired alcoholic beverages onto the premises.

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