Foodie Review: Mary Angela’s In Carytown

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To say I am a regular at Mary Angela’s would be like saying I am a regular at the 7/11 where I get gas for my car. When you live near Carytown and you want pizza, well there really is no better option. However, most of the time when I eat at Mary Angela’s I get something besides pizza. I know I just said they have the best pizza in Carytown, but they also have the best subs in Carytown.

Last night, my girlfriend accompanied me to Mary Angela’s because it also her favorite restaurant in Richmond. In fact, she is the one that originally got me hooked on the pizza. 3 years ago at the Watermelon Festival, we stopped by Mary Angela’s so that she could get a slice of pizza for cheap. That slice of pizza went on to become one of her favorite meals that she has ever eaten. She talked about that slice of pizza for a week straight until I took her to the restaurant for seconds.

This time however, we both ordered subs. We weren’t very optimistic of being able to get a seat with it being a Friday night around 7 P.M. Luckily a large group was just leaving when we walked in which opened up a lot of seats. The cashier greeted us as we walked in and a waitress came from the back to seat us.

Going in to the restaurant that night I wasn’t sure of what I was going to eat. I have been getting the Meatball Sub with American cheese on my recent trips. The Meatball sub is cooked to perfection every single time, with the right amount of sauce covering soaking into the bread.   Meatball Subs aren’t typically what I go for at an Italian restaurant, but at the same time I can’t deny the greatness of this sub here. However, I have the attention span of a goldfish so I decided last night to change up my order to a Steak & Cheese with Lettuce, Italian dressing, American Cheese, and Banana Peppers.

Steak and Cheese for me is typically what I go for when I am getting a sub from an Italian restaurant. I enjoy the simplicity of it along with the Steak in the sub somehow gives me intrinsic motivation and makes me feel like more of a man. (At least I think so, this could just be my Psychology Degree talking.) First of all, I have had this a couple of times  and I knew ahead of time to ask for them to send the Italian dressing separate. They tend to put either too much dressing on the sub or not enough. I guess it just depends on the day and the cook so I asked for my on the side for complete control.  (I’m also a control freak.)

The steak was perfectly seasoned and professionally cooked. Countless time I have seen a restaurant cook the steak just a little bit too long and doing so will make certain parts of the steak hard and chewy. I don’t know about you, but getting one of those hard yet extremely chewy pieces of steak ruins the rest of the sub. I’m not saying that they are perfect at handling this problem at Mary Angela’s, but for the most part I can eat the entire sub without any chewy pieces of steak.

My girlfriend and I will always be HUGE lovers of French Fries. You can almost always bank on us getting fries as at least one our sides at any restaurant you see us at. I am telling you this because when I tell you that Mary Angela’s is in our Top 5 in RVA for fries, you hopefully believe me. We have eaten at this restaurant over 30 times in the past 5 years and I cannot recall one time where the fries were not perfect.

My girlfriend got the Italian Sub with no onions. She happens to be one of the pickiest eaters I know. If she likes your food enough to openly tell me that it’s the best she has ever had, then it’s serious. The sub came on an 8 inch roll just like all of their subs do, and it looked beautiful. I had one bite of it and I honestly wanted to ask for more but I was afraid of her answer lol. I have never ordered an Italian Sub at any restaurant ever. Literally, I haven’t. So Mary Angela’s is doing it right.

Overall our meal was a success. It didn’t break the bank, we were very close to entering a food coma because of overeating, and the food was visually appealing. IF you haven’t been to this gem of an Italian restaurant in Carytown then I highly suggest you go soon.   We give them 4.75 out 5 stars, 2 out of 2 thumbs, and one big smile.

  • Our entire meal cost $25 after tip. We both drank water. (She’s pregnant with my son)
  • Italian (ham, salami, cheese) – 5.95
  • Steak – 7.25
  • French Fries – 2.95 (One order was enough for us to split.)
By Brandon Jarvis




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