RVA Foodie Review: Rapp Session

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Written By Anne-Stuart Teter 

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I don’t care what the month ends in, oysters are always in season in my opinion. So, on a chilly day I set out to get myself a few. My absolute favorite place to go for oysters is Rapp Session.

Opened two years ago as the oyster bar equivalent to Rappahannock, Rapp Session has quickly become a favorite destination in RVA. A coffee house in the morning (I’ve had their coffee, it’s wonderful) that transitions to oyster bar hang by mid-afternoon (check their website for times), Rapp Session is unlike any “restaurant” we have here in Richmond. I put restaurants in quotes because it doesn’t really feel like the correct word to describe Rapp Session.


One of my favorite parts about Rapp Session is their oysters (obvious I know). They always stock a good variety from around Virginia. With their standard being Rappahannocks, they also stock oysters from other inlets. I like to get a variety of all the oysters they have in stock. They vary their oysters on salinity (saltiness) and will serve it to you just like that.


I recommend getting your oysters order in as soon as you sit down. Because of their precision to detail, getting your oysters shucked and prepared can take some time. So get your oyster order in then find yourself a tasty beverage. I like to get their rose that they have on tap (yep, on tap), but they also have a great beer selection and cocktail list. Today, I opted for the rose, it seems to go with oysters so well.

After oysters and drinks are ordered, time to look at the menu. This time I wanted to get a good variety of stuff. I started with the head cheese platter (really meat) which was wonderful. I also got the fish dip which simply comes with saltines and is wonderful. That is something I love about Rapp Session, while they serve top quality food, it always feels like no frills and down to earth.


While Rapp Session specializes in small dishes and casual fare, they also offer seafood towers for those a bit hungrier. In the past I’ve had their clams as well and they were superb.


I always come for the oysters but inevitably find other things on the menu to try. Hit them up during happy hour to get half off oysters and a variety of drink specials. Located on the Grace Street corridor, you can always start here with happy hour then wander to dinner at some of the other amazing offerings in the area.



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