Foodie Reviews: Pho Ga/ Tay Do

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Written By Walter Lombardi
You know the saying, “you always remember your first time”. For those of you whose minds are in the gutter, snap out of it. I am not speaking about “that” first time. I am talking about the first time I tasted Pho, (looks like it should be pronounced Foe, but the true pronunciation is Fuh, as in, “What the fuh”, or, fuh “get about it”!). Now that we know how to pronounce it, let’s describe it.
As they say in real estate, location location location is everything, the same can be said for Pho broth. It is the cornerstone of any Pho and if made properly it’s like tasting “velvet honey siphoned through a cashmere tube”. This incredible broth ( family secret ) is nurtured for hours and then poured into a large bowl of rice noodles, fried scallions and thinly sliced chicken white meat,  and served with a side plate of bean sprouts, cilantro, basil, lime wedges, jalapeno slices and further doctored up by adding sriracha ( by choice) for those of you who want some spice in your life. In short, it is an incredible bowl of goodness.

Richmond has several Pho restaurants, many of them centered in the Horsepen Rd. area and all of them are good.  I have not been to all of the Pho places in town, but I have frequented many.  I do have a favorite, and it’s because the Pho is consistently good, the wait staff and folks who actually make it are family, and the price is very reasonable. My vote for the Best Pho in Richmond goes to Pho Tay Do, located @ 6328 Rigsby Rd. just off of Horsepen Rd. Look for the small blue house. Be sure to bring your green, only cash accepted.
No matter how your day begins or ends, or how you are feeling, a beautiful bowl of Pho goodness will treat you right.

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