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Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Kansas’ 2nd District and current 7th Congressional District resident, Martha Keys, announced she is endorsing Abigail Spanberger’s Congressional campaign. At the time of her election in 1974, Rep. Keys was just the second woman in Kansas history to serve in Congress, and her candidacy throughout her political career was seen by many as a model for civil, issues-oriented campaigning.

“As a 7th district resident, I’ve been closely following Abigail’s campaign since before the primary, and I’m incredibly impressed by her profile, her intelligence, and the support team she’s built,” Rep. Keys said in a statement. “Her message of service has been clear and consistent from the beginning, and it’s remarkably exciting to see a such a patriotic and accomplished public servant work so passionately toward helping our community. She has my full-hearted endorsement.”

Spanberger, who is running in Virginia’s 7th District, thanked the Congresswoman for her endorsement, citing the important progress she achieved during her 4 years in the House. “Rep. Keys’ political career has had a lasting legacy, particularly with regard to women’s equality,” said Spanberger. “She was a leading voice in support of the Title IX Amendment, which prohibited any high school or college-level institution receiving federal dollars from gender discrimination in educational programs or activities. This was not only to my benefit as a student but to that of millions of young women across this country whose lives were enriched by fuller growth experiences in school. I’m honored to have her support, and I look forward to building upon the progress she made when I’m elected to Congress.”

Since launching her campaign in July 2017, Abigail Spanberger has seen a growing coalition of support from current and former elected officials nationwide, at every level of government. The campaign considers this a sign of Spanberger’s broad appeal and her readiness to serve. “Abigail has left little doubt that she’s prepared to take on the responsibility of serving the 7th District,” said Dana Bye, Spanberger’s campaign manager. “We’re thrilled to have Rep. Keys with us as we work toward bringing better representation to Central Virginia.”

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