Former S.C. congressman Mark Sanford announces Republican primary challenge against Trump

By Brandon Jarvis

Mark Sanford, the former South Carolina governor who represented the state’s 1st Congressional District in the House until earlier this year, had been mulling a bid against the president for weeks.

Sanford declares his intentions during an interview on “Fox News Sunday”. He is expected to formally announce his bid at an event in South Carolina this week.

Sanford has drawn attention in recent weeks after a Netflix documentary entitled “The Family” was released.

In the documentary, Sanford’s extra-marital affair is highlighted along with the support of the secret-conservative Christian group that goes by “The Family”. The documentary shows that the leaders of this conservative group have had an influence over politicians in Washington for decades. The Family believes that leaders who are elected are chosen by God, leading to them forgiving any indiscretion by a politician because “God chose them”.