Former SD-10 Candidate Endorses Ghazala Hashmi

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Updated by Jackson Revere

Ghazala Hashmi just announced an endorsement from the previous Democratic candidate in the district, Emily Francis. Read her announcement below:


Today Emily Francis, 2015 Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 10th State Senate District, endorsed Dr. Ghazala Hashmi in her race to win the district.


“I am excited to endorse Ghazala because she is committed to the same progressive values on which I ran my own campaign in 2015,” Francis said. “As a former candidate myself, I understand the grit, determination, and hard work it takes to run for office and Ghazala exemplifies that spirit. She has the courage to stand up for what’s right and she is exactly the kind of person I want fighting for me in the General Assembly.”


Francis’s endorsement of Hashmi comes on the heels of Delegate Sam Rasoul’s endorsement of her last week, as Democrats begin to unite behind Hashmi’s campaign.


“It’s an honor to receive Emily’s endorsement,” said Dr. Hashmi. “I was inspired by her grassroots driven campaign in 2015 and her passion to promote progressive issues continues to motivate me today. I am running for the State Senate because the people of the 10th District deserve a Senator who will fight every day to improve their schools, their environment, their healthcare, and their community.”

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