Getting Ready to Vote this November

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PSA from Richmond 2day:
October 15 is the last day to register to vote for the November 6 election. All citizens who will be 18 by November 6 may register now and vote in November. You can register for the first time or update your registration if you’ve changed your name or address here:
We will be voting for one Senate seat and for our Representative in Congress, two amendments to the Constitution of Virginia, and some local elections, too.  Go to to see which Congressional District you’re in and where your polling place is.  Henrico residents can see whether or not they’re in the Brookland District (Brooklanders will vote for who will represent them on the Henrico Board of Supervisors).  Go here to see what’s on your ballot:


You can read the proposed amendments to the Virginia Constitution here:
Remember that you’ll need bring ONE form of  photo ID to vote on November 6.  Drivers’ licenses are one of many valid types and can be used for Voter ID purposes even if the license has been suspended or if it’s expired within the past 12 months.  But many other forms of ID can be used, too, such as an employer-issued photo ID and a valid student ID from a Virginia institution.  Go here to see all the types of ID that can be used and learn how to get a free ID if you don’t have one:
If there’s any chance that you won’t be able to vote in person on November 6, you may very well be able to vote by absentee ballot either by mail or in person.  There are many valid reasons, including a long work day, disability, work/study or travel outside the city or county of residence. Details on voting by absentee ballot are here:
If you need help registering to vote or voting because of a disability, you can get it, and anyone who is 65 or older and/or who has a disability may request curbside voting. Details here:

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