Ghazala Hashmi Releases New Ad Highlighting Her Work in the Community

Press Release:

“We’re thrilled to continue sharing more about Ghazala in this new spot that highlights just some of her many friends and colleagues who know her best,” said campaign manager Philip Stein. “We were blown away by the number of folks who wanted to talk about the Ghazala Hashmi they know – an educator, a mother, a leader, and a fighter.”

In just over six weeks, Ghazala Hashmi seeks to flip the 10th senate district by beating Republican incumbent Glen Sturtevant, who has recently gotten himself into hot water for misleading voters in campaign advertisements. Below is a transcript of the ad:

“Ghazala Hashmi chose to work at a community college. This was the place where she could do the most good for the students who needed it the most. She has a passion for teaching – an amazing leader – a fearless fighter. Ghazala Hashmi spent her entire life in service of students and families. She’s committed to helping the community. That’s the Ghazala Hashmi I know. When it comes to equal opportunity, she’s going to be looking out for everyone. She’ll hear everyone’s voice and everyone’s voice is important to her. Ghazala Hashmi will make a great state Senator for all of us.”