Glow-in-the-Dark golf is coming to Colonial Heights

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MP Bounce With Me has been in the Colonial Square Shopping Center for over 5 years. It consists up multiple inflatable bounces house at the indoor facility. They also have arcade games and a semi-decent snack bar.

They will soon be moving to a larger space in the same shopping center to add glow-in-the-dark golf.

I think it will bring in more families, because right now our target audience is probably mainly up to 10 [years old], sometimes 12, but with the glow golf, it’s going to bring in the teenagers, mom and dad, grandma, and grandpa,” said Mike Daughtry to the Progress Index. Mike co-owns MP Bounce With Me with his wife, Dee. “We’ve had a lot of parents sitting around, and they don’t have anything to do, so now with us bringing [glow golf] in, we’re hoping to give some more opportunities for people to have fun as a family.”

With a lot of their competitors closing, they are beginning to see an increase in business from across the Richmond area. They are expected the glow golf aspect to increase business even more.

“We’ve seen several of our competitors close up. Monkey Joe’s just closed in Midlothian, [and] we had another one, Inflation Nation, close up,” he said. “We’ve already been getting a lot of the day cares and groups from the Richmond area. The shopping center owner likes us here because we tend to draw people [from] further away …with us we’re special – we’re bringing new people into the shopping center.”

They will be moving into the vacant space next to Skrimp Shack and Verizon Wireless.

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