Heavy rains surprised Colonial Heights residents today

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Written by Brandon Jarvis

Tuesday afternoon, a storm dropped an immense amount of rain in the Colonial Heights area.  It began around 3:45 in the afternoon and by 4:30 main roads across the city were covered by standing water.  Cars were pulled over along the side of Interstate 95 along the 3 mile stretch that runs through Colonial Heights.  The Boulevard, one of the main roads in the city was closed at the bottom of a hill due to high rain water and poor drainage.

Photo was taken by Kymberly Johnston
Wayne Covil has video of this motorist being stuck on the Boulevard under the train tracks with debris falling.

Conduit Road also experienced large standing water issues.  It was hard for cars to drive through the water near the High School,  also at the intersection between Sheetz and Texas Road House.

No warning was issued for this storm, some intense lightning and thunder occurred but for the most part its just seemed like a heavy summer downpour.

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