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By Brandon Jarvis

Interesting moves are being made by Democrats in Henrico. First with Del. Debra Rodman moving into the 12th Senate district, then Rodney Willet (D) leaving the Tuckahoe Board of Supervisors race to fill the vacant spot in the 73rd House district left after Rodman switched to Senate.

Next Marques Jones drops out of the Senate race against Rodman and fellow Democrat Veena Lothe, And soon after announced his endorsement of Rodman. Now Jones is expected to announce his candidacy for the Henrico Board of Supervisors nomination that Willet left behind.

Melissa Dart was talking about running for that same seat against Marques Jones on the Board of Supervisors, she dropped her name from consideration the day before Jones endorsed Rodman.

Update: Dart issued a statement on Facebook in regards to this reporting.

“I can only comment on my own motivation and decision-making. I never “dropped my name from consideration” because I was not in consideration to begin with. I was not involved in any kind of coordinated effort. I made my final decision about which seat to run for based on my family, my personal goals and the work I am doing and want to continue to do in public service. Nothing more. If you would like to know more specifics, please reach out directly. I will not be making further public comment. I hope we all focus our energies on getting more Democrats elected to public office.”

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