Henrico woman receives death threats, has same name as restaurant owner that refused Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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A Henrico woman is getting death threats after a Virginia restaurant turned away the president’s press secretary.

The Red Hen controversy hits close too home for Henrico resident Stephanie Wilkinson. Unfortunately for her, she has the same name as the owner of the Lexington restaurant that turned Sarah Huckabee Sanders away.

“There are two of us with the exact same name. I’ve never been to Lexington. I don’t even know about the Red Hen,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson has been dealing with a barrage of angry phone calls and texts since Saturday, for something she had nothing to do with.

“Usually I’ll just swipe left and decline them, but every once in a while I’ll answer one,” said Wilkinson. “They call me an F’ing liar, a liberal liar or a communist pig.”

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Wrong restaurant gets backlash over Sanders tweet
The “Red Hen” restaurant in Connecticut is facing nasty backlash over an incident involving Sarah Huckabee Sanders, President Trump’s press secretary.

Sanders was recently kicked out of an eatery in Virginia that has the same name.

But some Trump supporters apparently took their anger out on the wrong restaurant.

Shelley DeProto, the owner of Red Hen in Old Saybrook, CT, prefers to be in the kitchen, cooking for her patrons.

“I love what I do,” DeProto said.

But since Friday night, she’s been fielding more than just orders.

DeProto received numerous angry messages after Sanders tweeted over the weekend that she’d been asked to leave by the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA, because of her work with the Trump administration.

People called, messaged, and even made fake reservations.

“Me and my family are done eating there. We will never come back,” said one message.

“I wouldn’t eat at that restaurant if it was free,” said another.

One message was threatening and profane.

“Trump is the best president ever. You mother f—–. I can’t wait for the civil war,” the caller said.

DeProto said she and and her employees tried to respond that they had the wrong Red Hen, but “they were coming in faster than I could keep up with.”

She’s not sure what effect the backlash will have on her business, but said she and her employees will continue to do what they do best, despite the misdirected anger.

And DeProto’s not alone in facing confused backlash. A restaurant named Red Hen in Swedesboro, NJ, has been swamped with about 600 calls in recent days.

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