‘Hoax Hunters’ just dropped their new EP “Dormant”

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by Brandon Jarvis

Hoax Hunters, a band based of out Richmond, is dropping a new EP before they go on hiatus. They are releasing three new tracks with the theme of “art matters”. This is a follow up to their single “Sad“, which was politically motivated after the election in 2016. Noting that the first verse was directed at the President, and the second verse was directed at Congressman Dave Brat.

PJ Sykes, the founding member of Hoax Hunters has been making music since he was a high schooler back in Lynchburg. He said his first complete project that he put together was a solo project called “High School Abduction“. But, PJ said we can’t find that if we try, all the copies are gone and it was the pre-internet era.

After high school PJ made his way to Richmond when he started attending VCU in 1998z

Since then he has made music across the area in different settings. Hoax Hunters has been made up of a collective of different musicians since its existence began in 2011. The EP being released on July 6th,  was crafted with PJ Sykes & Ben Nicastro on guitars, bass, & vocals, and Greg Garner on the drums.

PJ told us that just because the band will be going on a hiatus after their upcoming live shows. But, he told us that doesn’t mean the band is done forever.

“The project has always revolved around me since the start, and with deep respect to all past members, I feel like the current lineup has gelled the most. While I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with lots of different musicians live and in the studio; Ben, Greg, and myself are Hoax Hunters. Right now each of us has various other projects and levels commitment, so it felt like a good time to rest. If the right situation or combination of members presents itself in the future, Hoax Hunters will return.”

Sykes told me that a recent fight with cancer prevented him from creating music the past year. We asked him if facing that sickness changed the way he approached his art.

“The approach hasn’t changed, in fact I was going through old demos this week from 20 years ago and it’s neat to see how I pretty much work the same way.”

Hoax Hunters’ will be hosting a CD release party along with their final RVA show at Plan 9 Record Store in Carytown on July 21st. They will be performing their last show before their hiatus on July 28th at War3House3 – Swarthmore, PA.

Listen to Hoax Hunter’s new EP, ‘Dormant‘, below.

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