Hopewell Man Helped His Wife When She Was Shot Watching T.V.

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Iftikhar Saiyed heard his wife, Nora Lovely, screaming in their living room and found her bleeding early Saturday morning.

“I was sitting in the other room, while Nora was sitting watching TV when I heard her scream,” said Saiyed inside their Cloverdale Avenue home.

Saiyed said he ran in and found his wife of more than 30 years bleeding from her neck.

“She looked at the window and said, ‘I got shot.’ I said, ‘How did you get shot? You were just sitting there,'” he explained.

Hopewell Police confirmed they responded to the 2100 block of Cloverdale Avenue after an unknown suspect fired a single shot from outside through Saiyed’s window.

A bullet hole the size of a quarter can still be seen in the window where Nora’s sewing kits sit beside the couple’s couch.

The 62-year-old grandmother was rushed to VCU Medical Center and doctors immediately rushed her into the operating room.

Saiyed said doctors saved Nora’s life, but he’s now left wondering who would target his family?

“I’m very angry and very sad that we don’t do anything wrong,” he said. “We don’t have any problems with anybody in the neighborhood.”

Police say there is no known motive for this shooting calling it a “senseless act of violence.”

Neighbors admitted Cloverdale Avenue has seen an increase in violence lately.

Saiyed expected his wife to come home from the hospital as early as the end of the weekend.

Any persons with information on the crime are asked to either contact the Hopewell Police Department at 541-2222 or the Hopewell/Prince George Crime Solvers at 541-2202.

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