Hopewell residents on the fence about proposed pharmacy

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A new CVS pharmacy could be in Hopewell’s future. According to the city planner, Hopewell City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to free up land for a CVS pharmacy.

Council voted to vacate 332 unused feet of Wise Street. If approved, the pharmacy will be on undeveloped lots between Oaklawn Boulevard and Winston Churchill Drive.


Two of the three drug stores currently in the city — Hometown Drug and Rite Aid — are also located along the Oaklawn Boulevard corridor. Some are asking if a city with roughly 20,000 residents needs a fourth pharmacy.

The deal is pending, but locals say they fear stores that they value, like Hometown Drug, could be forced out in a battle for business.



“I was dealing with Walgreens first, hen I came back down here and it is a better experience,” Terrance Walker said. “It is like family, you know, always smiling and willing to sit and talk to you. If they can help me out like with certain medicines where the insurance company doesn’t want to pay, they actually give you the option of paying out of pocket to get it sometimes a lot cheaper than going to some of the bigger stores.”

Others have a different take.

“I think it will good for basically for the price comparison,” Calvin Flowers said. “Hopefully the prices are even better to give us something to compare against.”

First Reported by Nakell Williams 

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