Hopewell Social Services Energy Assistance Program Provides Relief for Citizen

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Hopewell, Va., – Hopewell Social Services Energy Assistance Program assists low-income households in meeting their home energy cooling needs through Cooling Assistance. This program can help pay to repair cooling systems, purchase fans, or window cooling units, as well as provide help with the payment of the electric bill to operate cooling equipment.

In order to be eligible for Cooling Assistance, certain citizenship criteria must be met and a household’s income must be less than the maximum allowed for the number of people in the home. You must reside in the locality in which the application is filed. You must have a cooling expense responsibility or be in need of cooling equipment, and there must be an elderly person 60 or older, disabled person, or a child under age 6 living in the home.

Applications for Cooling Assistance will be accepted from June 15 through August 15. Applications can be filed online (https://commonhelp.virginia.gov/access/), by calling the Enterprise Customer Service Center at (855) 635-4370, and at Hopewell Social Services located at 316 E. Cawson Street in Hopewell.

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