Husband-and-Wife Team ‘Living the Dream’ in Richmond

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Posted by Jackson Revere

As they approach their 39th wedding anniversary next month, Steve and Theresa Garriques look back on what has been a long and successful career in charge of the Garriques, Lloyd & McMahon Insurance, where they spend each and every day working side-by-side.


Over the years, the Garriques seen the insurance industry evolve unlike anything they could have possibly imagined when they first stepped into the office as a team some 37 years ago, and GLM Insurance – a third-generation, family-owned Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency – has evolved right alongside it.


“The industry has changed dramatically since we first started working together in the early ‘80s,” Steve said. “I remember when it took five minutes to write an auto insurance policy. There used to just be a couple variables involved and nearly every policy was the same. These days, there are millions of variables. It’s crazy, looking back.”


The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the joy the couple experience each day they set off to work together, Steve said.


“Some days we may not see each other much – my office is in the back of the building and Theresa’s is in the front – but we ride to work together every day and that’s always special,” Steve said. “We’ve been doing it so long, I honestly can’t even imagine doing it without her at this point.”


Steve and Theresa first met through a mutual friend, a band-mate of Steve’s named Ronnie. Ronnie kept telling Steve he had a girl he wanted him to meet. Not being one for blind dates, Steve was hesitant. Little did he know, Ronnie had been telling Theresa – who was a coworker at the Virginia Department of Taxation – the same thing. She, much like Steve, wasn’t a big fan of blind dates either.


Finally, one day, Ronnie invited Steve to grab lunch on one of his days off.


“I went to meet Ronnie at his office and when I walked in, I was greeted by this attractive young lady at the front,” Steve reminisced. “When Ronnie came through, he said, ‘Hey, that’s the girl I’ve been trying to set you up with. What do you think?’ When I told him I thought she was really pretty, he said, ‘I’ll be right back’ and ran off.


“The next thing I knew he came back with Theresa’s number. I called her, we went out the next Monday and I never dated anyone else,” he added. “The rest is history.”


They got married on March 29, 1980 and Theresa started working at Steve’s side about a year later. These days, GLM is a true family affair after their daughter Jennifer joined the ranks about seven years ago.


“It’s such a great feeling being able to come to work each and every day with my family,” Steve said. “Even those who aren’t family might as well be. For example, Mary, one of our personal lines account managers, has been with us for 16 years, so she’s as close to family as it gets.”


In their downtime, the Garriques are huge VCU Rams basketball fans. The family has season tickets to the Siegel Center and make the trip up to Brooklyn to watch the team in the Atlantic 10 Tournament each year. Their son Stephen owns an IT consulting business in New York City, so the annual trips make a great excuse to visit.


At the end of the day, for the Garriques, that’s what it’s all about – family.


“Some people say things like, ‘I’m not sure how you work with your wife every day,’ and things like that, but I don’t quite get that line of thinking,” Steve said. “Most people only get a few hours each day after work and the weekends to spend with your family, but Theresa and I get so much more than that. We really are living the dream.”

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