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Written by Brandon Jarvis

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Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know that Petersburg has been experiencing a (TRASH) MOUNTAIN of problems this past year.  If you want to catch up on some of the drama from just this month, click these links.

City Council Members Have Unpaid Utility Bills 

Prosecutor says Petersburg City Council vote is invalid

City leadership blamed for fire truck sitting garaged over 2 weeks

Commonwealth’s Attorney, Petersburg City Attorney feud over council vote

Petersburg crisis may lead to state programs that offer localities economic advice


  It has been hard to remember the positive aspects of the city amidst all of the drama and tension.  I may live in Richmond now, but Colonial Heights and Petersburg will always be my home.  For as long as I can remember, we would go to Kings BBQ and get the Minced Deluxe with fries and cole slaw.  We would see the same people every time and give them a nod with a quick “How you doing”, then find our seat.  This continued at a more frequent rate when I started going to Richard Bland.  Except for on Monday’s unfortunately because they were closed, which of course was the day that I wanted it the most.  Kind of like Chick Fil-A on Sundays.

When I was in grade school, I played baseball on a year round basis.  Batter’s Choice, which used to be located right next to the WaWa at Crater and Wagner was our go-to spot.  I have spent, well my parents spent thousands of dollars and weeks of our time at BC.

Just a few hundred yards down Crater was the batting cage and go-cart track that we would spend hours and hours at.  I still have some of the tokens in my nightstand from that time of my life.  I’m a bit of a nostalgic person.  This was the only spot pre-Swaders that we could practice hitting an 80 MPH baseball, then go shred the track (lol) on our 3 horsepower go-carts.

Longstreets, Demolition, and Old Town in general are some of my favorite spots to meet up with my childhood friends when everyone is back in town.  The night before Thanksgiving is a prime time to go to Longstreets and see pretty much everyone you graduated high school with if you grew up in the Tri-Cities.  The Dixie is a prime place for breakfast and lunch.  I swear by the fact that they have THE BEST hot dogs in the area.  Sometimes you can even see the local celebrity Tim Reid here.  If you have never been here, PLEASE GO.

Petersburg National Battlefield is one of my favorite places in all of America.  I wouldn’t call myself a history buff, but I know A LOT about the Civil War.  I have spent hours at the Battlefield, along with riding all around the Petersburg/Dinwiddie/Colonial Heights area checking out the historical landmarks and markers.  We went on a field trip in middle school to Blandford Cemetery and I kid you not that it was one of my favorite trips in school.  I know that is weird but we learned so much about the area that we literally grew up in and how history was altered here.  I will never forget looking at a gravestone where you can clearly tell that a cannonball struck it in 1860-something!

From waking up on Saturday mornings to the Virginia State band practicing before the big football game that day, to the nights at Southpark across the river, I loved every minute of growing up here.  So yes, Petersburg is currently in a state of chaos on most levels, but don’t forget all of the great things that this city has to offer.  PLEASE.  The people that live in Petersburg make it great.  The leaders can be changed if you feel so, hold them accountable for their actions.  Also remember that they are humans just like you and me, and I know for damn sure that I am not perfect.  Here’s to Petersburg, I am rooting for you.

-Brandon Jarvis



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