Is the Hokies’ Performance Talent, Coaching, or Scheme Related?

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Posted by R2D staff


It is a good question. Injuries and off season dismissals hurt the team. The starting QB Josh Jackson was almost dismissed, then suffered a season-ending injury in September. IT could be growing pains for a new dynasty. Ground work can really beat a program down for a few years – but then you tend to see a come back when you are talking about the historic programs in college sports.

“If we understand that the head coach is part of the long term solution; then what’s making this hooptie ride burn oil, and knock? We are seeing fingers pointed at the talent, the day to day coaching decisions, and the overall scheme being employed. These are really complex issues but should not be ignored because it’s too difficult.

A more complex question: are the issues concerning this team more talent related, coaching related, or scheme related? Subtext: Obviously it’s a mixture of all three, but one of these issues bears the brunt of the blame.”

Gobbler Country has a good breakdown of what the potential biggest cause of the problems in the program stems from – check it out here.

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