Kentucky Fans Are Angry They’re Not Getting Tickets From Duke

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Judging by this post, Kentucky fans are not happy about their lack of access to Duke’s extra basketball tickets. Read this: “I called Duke to get the details. I was told that Duke (in all ticketing situations) will take as many orders they can to make sure their allotment is full, and if the allotment is met and there’s a surplus they go to Iron Duke priority points (K Fund points, basically). Obviously Kentucky fans aren’t going to have Iron Duke priority points, so the tickets purchased by non-Iron Duke priority members were refunded.

I was told that fans that had their orders cancelled would be put on a waiting list and could potentially end up with tickets in the Duke section, but they wouldn’t find out until Tuesday, a WEEK before the game. The woman I spoke with basically said those on the waitlist shouldn’t hold their breath as they likely won’t be getting tickets. I did find it funny that before asking for a name for the order they asked for the mailing address. I asked if the Kentucky address had anything to do with orders being cancelled and she said that it didn’t and that’s how they organize their orders. Maybe, but it seems like a lot of Kentuckians are receiving those emails today.”

Read the rest of their moaning and complaining here.

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