Letter: Abigail is open to rational, bipartisan consideration of issues

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To the Editor of the Richmond2Day:

There are many reasons why I support Abigail Spanberger for the 7th District seat in Congress. Most importantly, Abigail is open to rational, bipartisan consideration of the difficult issues. The future of our healthcare system and assurance that those diagnosed with life threatening diseases are not dropped from their paid insurance coverage is of major concern.

Dave Brat voted to repeal protections for patients that face long-term illness; under his plan, insurance companies could raise prices for individuals with preexisting conditions, making the care they need to survive, inaccessible. This includes pregnant mothers. Healthcare is already the number one source of bankruptcy in the US; it’s economically detrimental to increase this sad trend. Before the ACA was enacted, insurance companies could revoke coverage if you had a pre-existing condition, which forced patients to forgo healthcare or into emergency rooms that put an even greater burden on the taxpayer.

Contrary to the much-aired, false political assaults by Brat and his corporate backers, Abigail Spanberger supports Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP and the vital resources they provide to our seniors, most vulnerable citizens, and children, and she does NOT support the Medicare-for-all plan. Instead, she supports a public option that uses the market to lower costs for everyone.

Dave Brat has helped undermine protections that were gained under the ACA, and voted to give $42 BILLION in tax cuts to pharmaceutical giants, while increasing our deficit by $1.9 TRILLION. He’s on record as supporting the full repeal of this lifesaving legislation, and replacing it with…. nothing.

If you care about your health and the unbridled rising costs of prescription medication, vote for Abigail Spanberger on November 6.

Lauren Giannotti

Henrico County

7th Congressional District

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