Letter to the editor: A former Brat campaign volunteer condemns his latest actions

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To whom it may concern,

In a recent rally, President Trump attacked the #metoo movement. I have yet to hear my congressman, Dave Brat (R), come out and condemn his remarks. Trump, also came to the defense of Rep. Jim Jordan who apparently knew of sexual abuse at Ohio State.

For those not familiar with Jordan – he’s a member of the House Freedom caucus – as is my congressman Dave Brat. Again, Brat has not mentioned this either.

My concerns continue to grow about Brat’s dedication to his constituents versus his dedication to the President and the leadership of his caucus. As we move forward to the election this November, we should all wonder will he do as Cantor before him and show up for a couple of months and make his rounds?

As a former Republican and Brat volunteer, I’ve witnessed his ability to sell himself as “one of us”. I’ve sat through his lecture-like stump speeches. I sat in the 7th district meeting when he all but begged for a party convention vs. primary, I found this odd as he beat Cantor in an epic primary.

Running at the top of the Republican ticket is Corey Stewart. Stewart has denied racism and bigotry, though he’s linked to the alt-right “unite the right” rally in Charlottesville that cost 3 people their lives. He is also linked to Nehlen, Paul Ryan’s alt-right Challenger in 2016, who has since made anti-Semitic and racist remarks.

I have yet to see Brat condemn Corey Stewart.

While I understand that Republicans are required by their oath to support the nominee and elected officials, some Republicans such as Rep. Scott Taylor has put separation between himself, Trump, and Stewart, so why hasn’t Brat?

In that case, why hasn’t the entirety of Chesterfield’s Republicans? Trump and Stewart have both shown various degrees of contempt for women, racism, and bigotry. It is the responsibility of those of us who vote to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions as well as their silence.

This year it’s congressional elections, but next year we’re reminded all elections are local and we need to make sure our elected officials remember who hired them.

-David P Southall

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