Letter to the editor: Guns in Chesterfield County Public Schools

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To whom it may concern,

There is a growing effort to adopt an armed mentor position in our elementary schools. I believe in protecting our children as much as any other loving parent within the county. However, I believe there is a more effective way to do so without the introduction of an armed mentor. I respect that they are to be vetted, and former law enforcement officers, but that does not make it the best option. Our children are taught to respect authority, so having an officer-in-uniform within the schools seems to be a better option for impressionable children. None of us want our children to feel threatened or uncomfortable with the presence of an armed, plain clothed individual. Again, our children are taught that 1st responders are there to help. I hope the county’s supervisors and school board consider other options.

I have a few suggestions:

  • Stanley Security offers a full line of K12 security options as do other manufacturer’s.
  • Expand the sheriff’s department by adding deputies to the schools, they already handle security at other county facilities.
  • There’s an  election in November, any viable option should be a ballot initiative not polling of a small sample.

Additional questions:

  • Will the mentor program be in all schools?
  • Will the mentors be county employed or will it be a third party as the janitorial department?
  • Will the mentors have an office within the schools? If so will they meet with children alone?
  • Will the mentors answer to the administration of the schools or act independently!




David P. Southall


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