Letter to the Editor: John McGuire has an Abysmal Leadership Record

It is telling that Delegate McGuire is tattling about being bullied to what his supporters frequently refer to as a “liberal rag.” Facing a serious opponent with independent ideas, Juanita Jo Matkins, what he actually appears to be doing is crying “wolf” to distract from his abysmal leadership record in the House of Delegates.

His feigned call for civility doesn’t make up for the fact that he failed to pass meaningful legislation (8.3% of his bills passed in 2018) and failed to support numerous important bills, such as commonsense gun safety, equal rights for women, raising the legal age for tobacco and vaping, regulating casinos, mandatory reporting of child abuse and neglect by clergy, banning conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth, cell phone safety while driving, expanding absentee voting, and more. The bills he sponsored failed to address key campaign goals and his votes marched in step with Party leadership despite representing a diverse district.

There’s nothing “nice” or “civil” about any of that and his ineffectiveness certainly doesn’t bespeak Navy Seal strength and leadership. In my world actions (votes) speak louder than words. Heyworth may be loud and obnoxious on social media, but the “nice” Delegate is downright duplicitous and dangerous in his failure to support important legislation and unflagging servitude to Trump’s agenda. His partisanship does not show representation of his district and his current publicity stunt demonstrates whiny finger-pointing rather than effective leadership.


Chrystal Doyle