Letter: We must choose integrity and elect Abigail Spanberger for Virginia’s 7th district

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When did we stop demanding honestly from our representatives?  We can and must elect leaders whom we can trust.  Abigail Spanberger is honest and a person of tremendous character.  At the 7th district congressional debate and throughout the campaign, Abigail Spanberger (D) has had to repeatedly correct false claims by incumbent Congressman Dave Brat (R).  The abundance of lies by Brat prompted the Spanberger campaign to release a comprehensive list of his false statements just before the debate that took place on October 15th in Culpepper, VA. The Congressman has lied continually about which healthcare plan she supports, saying she supports Medicare for all, which she does not.  Spanberger supports Medicare X, a plan that offers a public option, and a recent CBO analysis says could potentially save the federal government $158 million.  PolitiFact rated this claim as “false” stating:

“Brat conveniently has chosen a position for Spanberger that she never took. We rate his statement False.” 

Brat claims that Spanberger supports “open borders.” As a former law enforcement and counter terrorism agent,  of course she does not, and she has stated this consistently throughout her campaign, in her official policy statements, and even in a recent commercial.  Brat compared Spanberger to Nancy Pelosi 25 times during the debate, despite the fact that Spanberger has said on record that she would not vote for Pelosi for Speaker.  I applaud Richmond2Day’s Brandon Jarvis for taking the time to sit down with Spanberger to get the real answers to these questions.

On the day of the debate, Brat tweeted a claim that Spanberger’s campaign received 4 “pinocchios” from a Washington Post fact check because of a claim made in an ad. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler immediately corrected Brat on the erroneous claim. The fact check was in reference to an ad from an entirely different race.  Kessler asked Brat to delete it, but it remained on Brat’s twitter feed. Brat reiterated this claim in the debate, and Spanberger had to once again use precious time to correct him and check his lies.

In an Opinion, the Richmond Times Dispatch’s Jeff Schapiro called Brat’s strategy of repeating Nancy Pelosi a “Pavlovian” tactic to elicit a conditioned response from Republicans to vote against her by associating her with Nancy Pelosi.  But at least with Pavlov’s dogs, their response was predicated on fact-the bell signaled food.  Brat’s Pelosi claims are completely unfounded.  Spanberger confidently displayed her intellect, her passion, and notably, her honesty in the debate.  She has worked tirelessly to spend time in all areas of the district, participating in more than 140 events with voters to listen and get to know the needs of the district.   She vows to hold regular town halls across the district if elected, which Congressman Brat has not done.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Abigail on a personal level.  She is a good friend and a stellar candidate.  If you value integrity and want someone that will tell you the truth, vote Abigail Spanberger on Nov. 6th.

Kristen Martin

Henrico County

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