Libertarian Joe Walton wants more Debates with all the 7th District Candidates

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By Brandon Jarvis

The Libertarian candidate in the VA-07 district for the House of Representatives is asking to be included in a debate before the November 6th election. Dave Brat (R) and Abigail Spanberger just participated in a debate in Culpeper on Monday night.

Walton’s campaign put the blame on his exclusion from the debate on Dave Brat. “We repeatedly sought confirmation from Representative Brat’s campaign that he would participate if Joe was on stage and Brat’s campaign ignored all requests.  Joe weeks ago personally asked Representative Brat at Louisa High School to let Joe in the debate but Brat shifted blame to his campaign and said such decisions were not under his control.

Walton sent out the following message asking for another debate where he will be included:


The October 15th Debate in Culpeper County hosted by the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce did not include all the candidates on the ballot: Joe Walton was not able to participate for reasons that are becoming less clear in the aftermath of the debate.

Joe’s campaign repeatedly asked of the Culpeper Chamber and the Spanberger and Brat campaigns – and Joe personally asked Representative Brat – to be included in the debate, however no party would commit in writing. At this time, Spanberger’s campaign is seeking additional debates before Election Day and Representative Brat has retreated from committing to two future debates previously planned.

Fortunately, after the October 15th Debate, both Spanberger and Brat have confirmed on the record they would have been fine with Joe Walton on the stage and fully participating in the debate.

Therefore, Joe Walton for Virginia calls for additional debates before the election where all candidates on the ballot are included.  Joe will debate Representative Brat and/or Democrat-nominee Abigail Spanberger at any time and any place and subject to whatever conditions those two candidates can agree upon.

Since both candidates have said they are fine with Joe Walton’s participation, and the Spanberger campaign is aggressively seeking further debates, any future debate should have at least 2/3 of the candidates as did the October 15th  Debate.

Joe for Virginia currently seeking a civic organization venue and media partner(s) to host a debate and bring true accountability to the 7th District.  Both Brat and Spanberger have said they will debate Joe Walton so we will give them an opportunity to do so and the voters a chance to see who is being honest about willingness to debate more and with Joe.

Please stay tuned for announcements about the planning of these debates.


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