Local Indie Band Indoor/Indoor Drops Debut Album Saturday at Hardywood

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“I like to read a lot and I studied English in college,” he said. I approach songwriting from a little more poetic way…although I’ve played music since I was a kid. “I’ll get a lot of inspiration from whatever poetry I’m reading or novels.”

Indoor/Indoor is releasing at 90’s type project tonight at Hardwood.

“Its an upbeat way of looking at some of the disappointments of growing up,” Guitarist/Vocalist Chad Murla said of the album. “We’ve done a pretty good job of mixing upbeat sounds with some more introspective critical lyrics.” 

The band consists of Murla, Natalie Quick (Vocals/Guitar/Bass, Kevin Comly (Guitar/Bass)and David Young (Drums).  Murla went on to say “I started recording just some sketches and stuff a year before that, its been a lot of time in the works.” 


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