Lt. Governor Fairfax outright denies allegations in press conference

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by Brandon Jarvis

Today started with yet another explosion in Virginia Politics. The right-wing blogger that first posted the Northam picture, posted another headline accusing the Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of a #metoo allegation.

The allegation springs from the Democratic National Convention in 2004. The woman that is accusing the Lt. Governor went to the Washington Post with her story in 2017, but they did not end up publishing it.

“Lt. Governor Fairfax has an outstanding and well-earned reputation for treating people with dignity and respect,” said Fairfax’s camp. “He has never assaulted anyone — ever — in any way, shape or form.”

Fairfax said that after an investigation into the accusation in 2017, The Washington Post found red-flags and inconsistencies in her story. The WaPo put out a story today, stating that they did not find enough evidence or any cooborating stories to move forward with publishing. However, they did rebuff the Lt. Gov. by disagreeing with his statement on red-flags and inconsistencies in her story, stating they found none.

At the Capitol after a long senate floor session, Fairfax faced a barrage of media members for questions. The questions ranged from his current personal media attention to the Governors.

Fairfax pointed out that media reports about him being at the cabinet meeting last night with the Governor were false, trying to draw parallels to show that some media reports are not true.

The questions for Fairfax centered around Northam towards the end of the press conference. Fairfax says that the people of the state voted for him to represent them, as he received over 1.3 million votes in 2017.

The woman accusing Fairfax of sexual assault has yet to publicly tell her story. With that being said, it has only been 12 hours since this story surfaced on the internet. Fairfax is still stating on Monday afternoon that there was “no corroboration”

Watch Fairfax say the press is being manipulated below.

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