Marques Jones endorsed Debra Rodman

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Marques Jones, the former 12th district Senate candidate just announced his endorsement of Del. Debra Rodman for the Democratic nomination.

Read his endorsement below:

Leaving the race in Senate District 12 was tough. That’s the truth, and I won’t gloss over it. Our current Senator doesn’t represent our values, and I’m deeply invested in the fight to change that.

That’s why I’m announcing today that I’m supporting Debra Rodman to become our next Senator from District 12.

I understand this may seem like a curious endorsement – let me explain myself.

I know Debra. I was the first Executive Committee member from the Henrico Democrats to meet with her in 2017. I remember being blown away by her passion for advocacy; the way she talked about her experience testifying in immigration cases involving LGBT refugees fleeing violence in their homelands; how she wanted to be a champion for her neighbors, not special interests. She knew the fight would be tough against an established Republican leader.

In the House of Delegates, she hit the ground running. During the last two sessions, she championed issues I care about – issues we care about. The expansion of Medicaid, and a lesser known step therapy bill that I worked hard on. These bills were enormous wins for my fellow Virginians with chronic illnesses and disabilities. These bills were personal for me. And this is not a unique story – Debra has whipped votes for LGBT equality legislation, and fought hard against a budget that would have cut financial aid. We all have stories like this – times when Debra was instrumental in fighting for our cause, for our community.

So, yes I was disappointed when she joined the race (mostly because I knew she would be tough to beat). However, this year and this race aren’t about me; they’re not about any one person. We need to elect a champion of our values and flip our legislature.

That’s why I’m supporting Debra Rodman – she’s proven, she’s listened to me, and she championed bills that directly affect my life and community, and now I’m asking all of you to support her for Virginia Senate.

Join me this Friday at her Campaign Kick-Off at Strangeways Brewing – I look forward to seeing you there.



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