Marques Jones Op-Ed: Let’s talk about education

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By Marques Jones

(Marques is running for the state senate seat in district 12.)

School is where our children learn.  They don’t just learn about math, science, history and English.  They learn social skills.  They make friends.  They develop passions.  They learn how to be contributing members of society.  They learn about relationships, and how to treat each other with respect.  Sports, music, theater –  the list goes on and on.  At least that’s what we as parents are hoping for.

I have three daughters, and I want the world for them.  I want them to be nurtured by teachers that care.   I want programs that make my daughters dream of being doctors, or lawyers, or even President of the United States one day.  I want education to be sacred, not routine.

Teachers are the frontline.  They are the heroes dedicating their lives for the sake of our children.  They answer questions.  They read stories.  They give advice.  They give love.  Both of my parents have dedicated their entire lives to working in the education system, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful and proud.

I’ve seen first-hand the lengths that teachers are willing to go, so that our children feel safe and cared for.  When there aren’t enough supplies, teachers find a way.  When there aren’t enough textbooks, teachers find a way.  When there aren’t enough seats in the classroom, teachers find a way.

Our children deserve the absolute best, and their teachers do too.  I want to personally thank Governor Northam and offer my support for his recent efforts to further fund education in our Commonwealth.  In December he proposed a budget offering an additional $268.7 million in funding for Virginia’s K-12 education system. The basic needs of a classroom are not always being met, and that’s not ok.  It’s time to fix it.  

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