Mayor Stoney, Chief Durham face Marcus David Peters’ family at community office hours

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By Brandon Jarvis

Tonight, Mayor Levar Stoney hosted “community office hours” for the central district voters. Different topics were discussed – some of them with much more passion than others. Tensions were high over discussions about bus routes, air conditioners, school funding, and who is to blame for the failure of the public school system.

But towards the end of the meeting, the Mayor and the Chief of Police, Alfred Durham, faced questions from the family of Marcus David Peters. Peters’ sister, Princess Blanding started the ‘Public Safety’ section with asking the Mayor why he did not attend the community meeting they recently put together.

The Mayor told her he was already scheduled to attend an event in Williamsburg. The conversation then moved to addressing the violence against black people in the city. Stoney said every time a black person dies in the city, it is a tragedy. He then offered his condolences to Princess.

Stoney also told Blanding that he is open to new training to help police officers be better at their job.

The Mayor and Chief continued to say that when the investigation is complete, they will meet with Peters’ family. They also repeatedly said they can’t make any changes until the investigation is complete.

One audience member told the Mayor and Chief that they are perpetuating the dehumanization of black men. “As black men y’all know that’s not right”.

Stoney later said that if the cop is found innocent, that doesn’t mean that changes don’t need to happen.

The Chief said he has been told that the investigation will be completed next week.

We will update the website when we have more information about the police investigation into the Marcus David Peters’ shooting.

Brandon Jarvis

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