Mayor Stoney Releases Update on the RVA Education Compact

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Following the successful joint City Council-School Board meeting on June 26, a resolution expressing support for the launch of the RVA Education Compact was introduced by City Council on Monday, July 17 for potential adoption on July 24. A parallel resolution will be introduced by the School Board at its meeting on August 7.

The introduced City Council resolution can be found here.

Here is one of the changes that has been added to the School Board Resolution

  • Quarterly Joint Meetings Between Mayor, City Council, School Board & Superintendent

The Mayor or designee will participate in all meetings and assign appropriate administrative staff to attend. The Superintendent of Schools or designee will participate in all meetings and assign other appropriate RPS personnel to attend. All meetings will be held after 5 p.m. so that community members such as parents and teachers can more easily attend. All meetings will be filmed and posted online. In addition, meeting highlights will be posted in English and Spanish.


The most recent version of the draft School Board resolution can be found here.

An accompanying letter from Mayor Stoney to members of City Council and the School Board can be found here.

The RVA Education Compact is a collaborative and coordinated plan based on the fact our government, schools and community must work together to meet our challenges and ensure a brighter future for our children. Mayor Stoney is looking forward to working closely with School Board and City Council to meet the needs of children in the City of Richmond, both inside and outside the classroom.

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