McAuliffe on Gillespie: “This is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook”

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

On A Press Call, Gov. McAuliffe And Congressman Donald McEachin Denounce The Gillespie Campaign’s Descent “Into The Gutter”

Richmond, Va. — Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe and Congressman Don McEachin condemned Ed Gillespie’s latest Trumpian TV ad and denounced his campaign’s false attack on the McAuliffe-Northam administration’s record of restoring the voting rights of Virginians who have served their time and paid their debt to society.

On a press call this afternoon, Gov. McAuliffe called Gillespie’s ad “straight out of the Donald Trump playbook,” and criticized the Republican gubernatorial nominee for appealing to the “same fears and same divisions” as Donald Trump did during his presidential campaign.

“I’m disgusted that Ed Gillespie continues to run a very divisive campaign based on the same fears and same divisions that we saw from Donald Trump,” said Governor Terry McAuliffe. “This is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook. Instead of telling Virginians how he’s going to make their lives better, he’s gone into the gutter one more time. This is one of the most divisive campaigns I have ever seen. Ed is trying to divide people and scare people, as he has done this whole campaign.”

“Ed’s attack ad is just a disgusting attack on Ralph Northam — a pediatric neurologist who has served his country and his community,” said U.S. Representative Donald McEachin.“Ed Gillespie is running a nasty, ugly campaign and quite frankly what this ad says about Ed is he doesn’t believe in second chances for Virginians after they have done their time and paid their debts. I hope Virginians will remember that as they see that ad — and remember that is the character of Ed Gillespie.”


Through his gubernatorial campaign, Gillespie struggled to articulate a positive agenda and instead has been forced to air misleading ads falsely attacking Dr. Ralph Northam’s record of service. Gillespie’s TV ads — which have repeatedly demonized Virginia’s immigrant communities — have been widely condemned by civil rights groups.

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