McGeorge Toyota Announces Online Car-Buying Service

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@Home Program Opens Door to Purchasing Without Visiting Dealer Lot

RICHMOND, Va. – In an age where online shopping dominates the retail space with more than $123 billion in online sales in the first quarter of 2018 alone, some transactions are still almost exclusively handled in-person – car buying being one of them.


Today, nearly all new car purchases involve the customer visiting their dealership’s lot at some point in the purchase process. Local automotive dealership McGeorge Toyota realizes that not everyone has the opportunity to take the time out of their increasingly-busy schedules to do that.


In order to stay ahead of an ever-changing marketplace and make the process of buying a new vehicle more convenient, the Henrico-based dealer has announced a new take on the classic car-buying experience – a program it calls McGeorge @Home (pronounced “At Home”). Now, customers never have to step foot off their own property in order to buy a new car, truck or SUV.


“While we’ve always had customers tell us how much easier our buying process is compared to some of our competitors, we realize that people’s time is more precious than ever,” said Bob Farlow, McGeorge Toyota’s general manager. “Our @Home program is a way to help save our customers both time and money, all while making the entire process more efficient for everyone involved.”


Farlow added the @Home program is all about convenience. With the average customer spending nearly two-thirds of the process – roughly nine hours – online before buying a vehicle, the program aims to streamline the entire purchase process.


In order to take advantage of the McGeorge @Home program, customers can visit, search the dealer’s inventory for the vehicle that interests them and click “schedule a test drive.” After submitting some brief information, a McGeorge Toyota representative will help schedule an appointment.


At the agreed time, a McGeorge sales representative will deliver the vehicle to the customer’s home or workplace, hand over the keys, and buckle up for a test drive. From there, if the customer decides to buy, the McGeorge specialist can appraise a potential trade-in and complete the paperwork process on-site. Should the vehicle not live up to expectations, the representative will work to help find and deliver something more suitable. At no point does the customer ever need to leave their home or office.


“We want to help make the entire car-buying experience something customers look forward to,” Farlow said. “After all, driving off in a brand-new car is an exciting feeling. We want customers to feel that way all throughout the buying process, not just after they’ve driven off the lot.”

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