Meet the Democrat looking to fill Sen. Frank Wagner’s seat

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By Brandon Jarvis

Susan Hippen, a retired Navy Master Chief is running for the state senate seat that will now be vacant. Republican heavyweight Frank Wagner announced on Thursday that he is retiring from the state senate.

Republicans across the state have been retiring in droves. ThisNovember, Virginians will head to the polls to with every state legislature seat up for grabs. A Democratic majority in both chambers is feared by Republicans – the same wave of retirements happened in the national GOP prior to the 2018 Congressional elections due to the likelihood of a Democratic House.

As I mentioned earlier the GOP’s champion for Dominion Energy is retiring. Kim Howard is another Democratic candidate in the district. We will also highlight her campaign in the next few weeks.

Hippen released the following statement as a response to Wagner’s retirement.

“Monday I announced my candidacy for Virginia’s State Senate District 7 here on Daily Kos.  I have been blessed with lots of support here in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and statewide.  Today the good news has continued to come my way.  Senator Frank Wagner has announced his retirement (WTKRWPTimes-DispatchWTOP).  As a retired Navy Master Chief to Navy veteran Frank Wagner, I say “Fair Winds and Following Seas”.  As a candidate for the Virginia State Senate I say, “GAME ON”!!!!  Help me flip the Virginia State Senate blue!!!!”

Hippen retired from the Navy with 25 years of active duty service. She currently serves on the Virginia Board of Veterans Services, saying she has been “working to improve the lives of active duty military, veterans, their families, and Virginia communities.

Read Hippen’s campaign announcement that below:

In Virginia we have an election every year, whether we want to or not.  Folks often say, “This is the most important election”, every year.  Well I have to agree that the 2019 election in Virginia is the most important one, at least for the next 10 years.  This is the election that, I believe, will flip the General Assembly BLUE!

Every four years all 140 General Assembly seats are on the ballot, and this is one of those years.  If you remember, 2017 showed the nation that our system of breaking tied elections is old as dirt.  They drew a film canister from a bowl.  Now who still uses film in their camera?  The lack of luck of that draw allowed the House of Delegates to remain in Republican control, 51 to 49.

Hippen for Virginia State Senate 7

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