Members of the Black Caucus Condemn Gillespie’s Latest Ad

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Richmond — Yesterday, the Ed Gillespie campaign released an ad smearing the important work Governor Terry McAuliffe and his administration have undertaken to restore the rights of over 160,000 felons who have completed their sentences and reentered society.

Today, members of the Black Caucus joined together to issue statements condemning Gillespie’s despicable move to attack the record and character of Dr. Ralph Northam, a former Army doctor, volunteer children’s hospice medical director, and pediatric neurologist:

Delegate Marcia Price, Co-Chair of Northam for Governor said: “As Dr. Maya Angelou said when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them. Ed Gillespie has spent his life showing us who he is: a man willing to say and do anything to get elected, no matter who it hurts. This is a man who has spent a significant part of his life serving the wealthy and corporations over others — and rather than highlight his own biography and background, he’s taken to smearing the record of a true public servant: Dr. Ralph Northam. These are Donald Trump tactics and we will reject them the same way we did last year — loudly and forcefully. It is time to send a message to Republicans that is louder than their dog whistles. We are not standing for this disgusting rhetoric any longer. Not in our commonwealth.”

Delegate Lamont Bagby said: “Ed Gillespie calls himself compassionate in this latest despicable ad, while stoking the same racial tensions and fear mongering that have been a hallmark of his campaign. Not only are the accusations he carelessly airs in front of our children and families inaccurate, they’re disgusting and they do a disservice to the voters. But if we take a look at Ed Gillespie’s record we see this is a pattern. We see a life spent working to undermine our voting rights. And we see why he is so eager to throw stones and hide his hands. Virginia deserves better and we’ll choose it when we head to the polls on November 7 to elect Dr. Ralph Northam.”

Senator Rosalyn R. Dance said: “Governor McAuliffe and his administration have done courageous work to restore the rights of over 160,000 felons who are reentering our society, who have paid their debt to society and are looking forward to a second chance in life.

“I thought I’d seen it all last year, but Ed Gillespie has taken hold of Donald Trump’s racial bullhorn and he’s running away with it in these ads. If I thought he could feel shame, I’d tell him he should be ashamed. But I’ve seen there is no low he won’t sink to in the name of victory.  Virginia deserves better than this!  In the words of my favorite First Lady Michelle Obama; ‘When they go low we go  high.’ Come on Virginia! Yes we can make Dr. Ralph Northam our next governor.”

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