Midlothian Restaurant owner posts “Go back to Africa” to Maxine Waters on Facebook

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D- Calif.) has been the in headlines recently, garnering heavy-negative attention from Republicans at times. Judie Maxie, the owner of Caddy’s Restaurant and Bar in the town of Midlothian posted on Facebook telling Water’s to “go back to Africa where youre from”.

Since the post went up, Caddy’s disabled their official Facebook page and Judie Maxie appears to have deleted the post. Brent Solomon however, has the screenshots.

Rep. Maxine Waters is known to be a critic of President Trump, and just moments ago the President tweeted about Waters saying she has “crazy rants”.

The face of the Democrats is now Maxine Waters who, together with Nancy Pelosi, have established a fine leadership team. They should always stay together and lead the Democrats, who want Open Borders and Unlimited Crime, well into the future….and pick Crooked Hillary for Pres.

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