Most Ambitious Clean Energy Legislation to Date Passes House Committee

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Staff Update:

Moments ago, the Virginia Committee on Commerce and Labor voted 8-7 in favor of passing HB 1635, “fossil fuel projects moratorium; clean energy mandates,” to a full House floor vote in the next few days. This is the first time an environmental bill of this magnitude and ambition will be debated on the floor in Virginia. The movement of this bill comes after a staunch showing of support for clean energy initiatives today with a massive 100+ person lobbying event earlier in the day. 


“There is a growing movement to support bold clean renewable energy options that will jumpstart jobs while helping wean Virginia off of the health threats currently posed by our current energy infrastructure. Virginians are ready for groundbreaking environmental legislation like HB 1635, and we are thrilled that Virginia is finally setting lofty goals to achieve 100% renewable energy within the next two decades. It’s good to finally see our elected officials recognizing the overwhelming support for a clean, renewable energy industry that will create thousands of new jobs by passing this bill.”

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