MSNBC Talks with Abigail Spanberger about her CIA Experience and Health Care

GLEN ALLEN, VA – Yesterday, former CIA operations officer and current Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 7th District, Abigail Spanberger, spoke with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts about why her national security and public service experience would bring needed leadership to Washington. Abigail also discussed how bipartisan health care solutions could help slow the rise of premiums for Virginia families.

Abigail spoke about the lingering effect on the divide between people that are civilians and ones that are service members. “So much rhetoric is coming out of Washington and it truly is divisive.” She continues to address the politicization of problems that should not be partisan issues, “Issues are becoming political issues that really shouldn’t be.” Watch the entire interview below.

Spanberger launched her campaign in July, and has already secured endorsements from 2014 7th District Congressional candidate, Jack Trammell, and 2018 Democratic primary opponent, professor Kim Gower. Her CIA record was also prominently discussed in the October 18 Washington Post article, Ex-CIA Officers Running for Congress as Democrats.

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