Neo-Confederate U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart vowing to run a “brutal,” “ruthless,” “cutthroat” campaign

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis


“I’m not a nice guy anymore, I’m brutal and I believe in running very very brutal campaigns against the enemies of this country, including establishment Republicans and Democrats…I will be an absolute cutthroat, vicious, ruthless candidate…”) – Corey Stewart

Corey Stewart drew national media attention for spearheading Prince William County’s 2007 crackdown on illegal immigrants. He was hired as the Virginia chairman of the Donald Trump for President campaign in December 2015, and fired by the campaign in October 2016.

Stewart is one of 3 people vying for the Republican nomination in the 2018 Senate race against Tim Kaine (D).

Watch these video of Stewart trying his best to imitate President Trump’s campaign rhetoric. He  literally called Tim Kaine shorty pants.

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