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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

“At ReRunner, we don’t believe in buyer’s remorse, only the freedom to change our minds.”

Have you ever been in a store with a little extra money on your debit card – and you made a purchase that you didn’t necessarily need? It may have caught your eye at the time – but by the time you make it home you have lost complete interest. This happens to me often, so of course when I heard about this new local company helping consumers return items without leaving their home, it immediately caught my attention.

ReRunner, is a company founded by Sarah Abubaker – she launched the company last month after months of research on the field.  “When I realized returns were a $233B industry in the US, I started to put together a business plan and seek the advice of local business leaders and mentors.” said Abubaker.

Abubaker says she fell in love with this idea because she has always loved to return items; “Odd, I know but I just don’t like to make decisions under pressure in the store and I really don’t believe in holding on to things that I don’t want or have a use for.”

The website pleads to your internal desire to not waste time in the return line. “ReRunner doesn’t believe we should hold on to anything that isn’t necessary in life. We are here to make that a little easier for you by picking up your unwanted purchases and returning them in a timely fashion before your receipt expires.” 

Like a lot of businesses, the idea came from a simple interaction with a family member for Abubaker. “My dad had a bunch of stuff to take back to the store one day and he offered me cash to help him. From there I started researching the viability of such a business.”

She began researching this field in early 2016, and launched the company for local users in late October of 2017.

ReRunner services the Richmond area only – and is currently only in use for credit card purchases.

Abubaker says that ReRunner is working on the logistics to provide their service for cash returns in the future. They are also planning to launch a service to pick up donations from users and deliver them to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

They are still testing their prices – but currently the average price to use the service is $12 to $15 – depending on variances with the driving distance for the return.

Abubaker says another helpful feature ReRunner will be launching in the future is receipt storage. “Even if they don’t return anything with us, they will have the option to use the app for receipt storage and organization. That way, your wallet isn’t full of receipts and paper” 

They are hoping to launch a mobile app in early 2018, but they currently only operate with an online website and texting service.

Give ReRunner a chance – get your money back while simultaneously supporting a local small business.

Go to their website for more information.

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