Nick Saban wants to hire Hugh Freeze at Alabama, but 2 major issues stand in the way

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Can you imagine former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze as the next offensive coordinator for the Crimson Tide, coaching Tua Tagovailoa through a proven spread offensive attack? It’s easy if you try.

Nick Saban shares that same vision that was just dancing in your head– or at least thinks enough of it to want to add the shamed Rebels coach in some capacity as a member of his on-field coaching staff in the wake of former Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s departure to the NFL.

Freeze was in Tuscaloosa earlier this week to interview with Saban and tour the facilities, and it appears as though things went well.

So much so that Saban is “really pushing” to add Freeze to his on-the-field offensive coaching staff in 2018, according to a report from Aaron Suttles of

However, there are a couple of obstacles that stand in the way of bringing on a coach that resigned amidst an NCAA investigation in Oxford and reports of inappropriate conduct involving a university cell phone and escort services.

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Surprisingly enough, the NCAA isn’t one of them. The penalties for the infractions at Ole Miss have been levied, and Freeze is able to sign on as an assistant coach without show cause restrictions.

Here are the hurdles in front of Saban hiring Freeze, per Suttles’ report:

  1. Saban is reportedly facing internal objections. Suttles reports not everyone shares Saban’s same enthusiasm for Freeze. “Others in the program don’t want that happening,” Suttles reported, without naming names.
  2. Greg Sankey’s approval likely is needed, and may not be given. Due to the fallout at Ole Miss, the SEC commissioner’s blessing will likely be needed for another of the league’s schools to bring Freeze on staff. According to Suttles, “Sankey isn’t keen on that happening.”

Alabama co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Mike Locksley appears to remain the leading candidate for the offensive coordinator role, but that does not necessarily mean that Saban won’t have a prominent place for Freeze on his offensive staff if the above concerns are resolved. Stay tuned, Crimson Tide fans.

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