No Corey Stewart, you are not “taking back Virginia”

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By Ashley Frechette

Corey Stewart is many things. A self-proclaimed “cuckservative”, trade attorney, professional politician, a Minnesotan transplant masquerading as a deep-red son of the Confederacy, and according to the Washington Post, “a walking trainwreck”. His views are easily molded and manipulated to appease his band of followers, growing more and more vulgar and vile after Trump’s election. And despite his home state being part of the Union, Stewart truly loves the confederacy and takes deep pride in waving the battle flag.

Stewart’s pavlovian worshipping of Donald Trump is clearly evidenced by his rampant tweeting. Like his beloved leader, Stewart is quick to jump onto Twitter and various news outlets to dismiss and berate the “leftists” and blame them for various problems that have plagued America for decades. Yet in every interview and speaking engagement in which he participates, Stewart shows his true colors.

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Just last night, while sitting down with MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, Stewart said that Tim Kaine is “bad for America” and that immigration policy should be put over the well-being of children. But do his political beliefs have a place in Virginia’s future?

WOW. @kasie: “Do you think Tim Kaine hates America?”@CoreyStewartVA: “Yes, I do.”

Many Republicans and Democrats believe Stewart’s Primary win will solidify Kaine’s reelection. Brian Walsh, a former GOP communicator tweeted: “Can we just skip past the part where the media focuses on all the idiotic, racist & embarrassing things Corey Stewart will say & do the next five months and just acknowledge Tim Kaine won his re-election tonight. And he has Stewart voters to thank for it.”

However isn’t this the same ideology that caused a Trump win in 2016? Will Democrats and moderate-Republicans lose motivation?

Surely Stewart’s vitriol is not supported by the vast majority of Virginians. Yet will moderate-Republicans vote for Kaine – or will they be so deeply tied to their party that they give their votes to someone with such great hate running through his veins?

Virginia has steadily turned blue over the past two decades, being looked at as a battleground state in recent years. The coming election season will be no different. Incumbent Dave Brat will have a formidable opponent in Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA operative running for his seat in the 7th district.

Both Kaine and Spanberger will face hardcore Trump supporters who salivate every time their supreme leader tweets or bloviates hatred. One thing is certain, it’s more important than ever to get out and vote and let country, not party, rule.

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