North Korea surprised the world with missile capabilities

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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

Experts predicted that North Korea would develop missiles to reach the United States until 2020, or 2022. But experts were wrong. In 2017, North Korea tested an Inter-Continental Ballistic-Missile capable of reaching the United States.

North Korea advanced their capabilities by using old Soviet designs. They tested a bomb in September of 2017 that was roughly 17 times strong that the bomb that hit Hiroshima in WWII. With the realization that North Korea can now reach D.C. – Washington seems more engaged.

Lt. General H.R. McMaster in an interview with the NY Times;

“(It) has been quicker and the timeline is a lot more compressed than most people believed. We have to do everything we are doing with a greater degree of urgency, and we have to accelerate our own efforts to resolve the issue short of conflict.”

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