Opinion: Disappointment with Rep. Dave Brat

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By Aleta Srickland

I have been trying for over a year to meet with my Representative or his staff.  When he first ran for office he promised to be the “Most accessible Member of Congress” but that has not been the case.  While I am sure that many special interest groups lobby Mr. Brat, of the over 700,000 registered voters in the 7th district I bet not that many private citizens ask to meet. I had a meeting scheduled in April of 2017 with a staffer.  She cancelled an hour before and refused to reschedule.

He has gotten a lot of negative press with his “Women in my grill” comment and the fiasco at the late opening of his campaign office last month. He emailed an invitation to constituents. Those who wanted to attend pre-registered. The disaster happened when those people arrived with their printed confirmed tickets and were either turned away or threatened with arrest if they did not leave.

You must be joking. Is this the United States?

His staff knew that damage control was needed but like most hastily thrown together reactive plans, a great idea was executed poorly.  Coming to the county and offering to meet with interested constituents was a great idea.  It was poor form to only inform select constituents, inconsiderate to give 24 hours notice, and out of touch to hold it during the work day.

We were graciously allowed 25 minutes where we brought up concerns regarding his lack of accessibility to constituents, poor response after the tragedy in Charlottesville last year, his habit of quoting a hate group on his Facebook  page, lack of leadership on ethical issues, fostering division among citizens, and inconsistencies between his words and actions.

Sadly after all this time waiting to actually have a conversation with the man I was greatly disappointed.  He seemed to have no idea how to conduct civil discourse and to have an intellectual discussion about differing ideas. He was arrogant, defensive, and provided information that was untrue. He seemed unable to grasp any viewpoint that is different from his own or to consider a different interpretation of his words and actions. People who cannot separate their self-value from their ideas are unable to compromise in order to work well with other legislators.

I have had an opportunity to speak with both candidates for the 7th congressional district and my choice is an easy one. I will vote for the candidate who is well informed on current pending legislation, has foreign policy experience, cares about issues specific to the rural areas, and understands the challenges of raising a family. She is a true public servant and I hope you will join me in supporting Abigail Spanberger for Congress.

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4 thoughts on “Opinion: Disappointment with Rep. Dave Brat

  • August 9, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    Ms. Strickland starts her conversation with Mr. Brat, as she did with this piece at full attack. And then claims Mr. Brat didn’t know how to conduct civil discourse. I’ve seen Ms. Strickland’s idea of civil discourse and it is neither civil nor particularly enlightened. In this exercise in enlightened discourse it only takes Ms. Stickland 5 paragraphs to get to what, maybe, was a recent 25-minute meeting, in which she began by rehashing historical grievances and her Democrat talking points.

    So much for civil discourse among the politically motivated.

    • August 10, 2018 at 9:34 am

      Lets flip the coin for a second. If a Democrat was in office and you felt that you couldn’t reach your representative on issues that mattered to you and your family, wouldn’t you want to bring this to light? There is a History of Dave Brat hiding from his constituents and cherry picking who he wants to meet with. Folks are ready for change as the 7th district is trending more progressive/moderate and less conservative. We need a representative that will be available and listen to the constituents regardless of the political spectrum you reside.

    • October 29, 2018 at 10:03 pm

      Well Bob, since I was the person who spoke to bRat immediately afterwards I can tell you that right after two ladies “grilled” him during his fake constituent meeting in Louisa.

      That he nearly ran me over in his haste to get away, looking like he was going to shit himself. When he returned a few minutes later to speak with me, he loudly announced that he was “ready to answer my questions.”

      Having worked in the psych field for over a decade, at that moment, he reminded me of some of the manic client’s I’ve worked with.And after asking him if he needed a few moments to gather him self, he immediately launched into a running monologue.

      Where over the course of of next 10 minutes, he repeatedly lied to my face, and even after I pointed out that his “facts” were to put it mildly cherry picked, or presented contradictory information he refused to modify his statements in the slightest.

      Since I know both of the ladies who spoke with him earlier, I can tell you first hand that they who won’t put up with being told outright lies, and have the wit and intellect to call bRat on his ideological BS.

      As for your claims about “rehashing grievances,” they are both erroneous and typical of how conservative defenders of the faith operate, projecting their own behavior onto others.

      In summary, bRat had no interest in listening to anything I had to say, or even discussing the issues in a rational manner.

      So how much respect and civility does someone who pulls stunts like this … https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=38&v=AeqoPyDqbC8 … on a daily basis deserve?

  • August 10, 2018 at 10:09 am

    When I talk or write my representatives, I make a point of being to the point on current matters and do not, as Ms. Strickland seems to have done, start with a blast of historical grievances. As shown in her post, which took 5 or so paragraphs to get to her most recent meeting, she really had no intention of having a productive meeting. I’ve seen her facebook posts on his site. They were totally political, nothing but talking points and she was rather hard to identify as a constituent or someone who had a false identity for the purpose of hiding who she really was.

    I do not see the same level of complaints about Warner and Kaine being unapproachable. They are if you disagree with them.

    VA7 is going dem/progressive? Wow. So, we are all in lock step for higher taxes? We all love that disaster of a health care plan that screwed people? We all love that disaster of a health care plan that effectively cut working hours for part time jobs to 29/week? We all love the idea that anyone who enters the country legally and pays the price is a fool? We, instead, support illegal, free-for-all entry because it keeps the low end of the labor rate low? Just think, we can go full progressive/Dem and worry about plastic straws while ignoring feces and needle covered streets. Maybe we can through in the progressive/Dem Chicago where shootings are measured by the dozen, but since those are in the brown folks area we just ignore them. Yep, I’m sure VA7 is ready for the progressive/Dem paradise.

    BTW: Ms. Strickland, that crusader for transparency and discourse, blocks anyone who disagrees with her on facebook.


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