Opinion: Donald Trump is dividing after America was attacked 

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Written by Madeline Head 

Just a day after the deadly and cowardly terror attack in New York City our President has once again invoked hatred instead of love and unity. President Donald Trump was quoted claiming that our justice system is a “laughingstock” and was defended for saying such a laughable statement.
CNN stated Wednesday evening,
“President Donald Trump called for “quick” and “strong” justice for terror suspects in the wake of the deadly New York City attack, saying that it is not surprising terror attacks happen because the way the United States punishes terrorists is a “laughing stock.”
This attack, which is the most fatal attack that New York has seen since 9/11, had six dead on the scene and two die later. Our President is making a mockery of this horrific situation with his blunt disregard for compassion. Another major fault in our President is that he clearly does not believe in our justice system.
One of the most damaging concepts of all is the fact that he is still defended after saying such outrageous statements. CNN reported that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated, “…that Trump was voicing his frustration with the lengthy process that often comes with a case like this.”
The President of the United States of America slanders the American justice system and then is defended for using such language. At such a demoralizing time in America we have a leader who rather attack our great nation than bring us together to heal.
The point of no return has long passed in regards to our President. President Donald Trump has continued to make a joke of America and what this country stands for. The time for justice has descended and President Donald Trump will finally reap what he has sown.  

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