Opinion: Duke has found a way to be remarkable at the end of games

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Indiana Hoosiers put up a tremendous contest but fell short to No. 1 Duke, 81-91. Duke seems to have discovered the aptitude to revitalize late in the game and it is coming in handy.


A common theme is occurring within the Blue Devils offense and it is quite entertaining and remarkable. The theme is their unique ability to dominate the last four to five minutes of a game, which they did against Indiana, Texas and Florida, which is the reason they are now number one in the country. The last three games that Duke has played they have outscored their opponents 56-19.


“The last three or four games, that’s what it came down to,” Marvin Bagley III explained to ESPN. “We’ve just gotta figure out a way to do that in the beginning instead of waiting all the way to the end, where it could be a chance we might now come back. You’ve gotta start playing defense like that in the beginning of the game to get stops, to make sure we get out ahead.”


Even though Bagley’s words are a little on the unenthusiastic side does not mean Duke is not playing some noteworthy basketball right now. This is a young team that is finding their footing while beating some of the most respected and best teams in the country.


“We have four freshmen out there all the time,” head coach Krzyzewski said. “They’re just learning how to manage a game as far as the effort, the intensity. When they learn how to play in four-minute stretches, we’ll improve. We kind of pace because they know they’re going to play minutes, and they’ve played a lot of games. At the end, they know there’s not another four minutes. We’ve been the better team in the last four minutes of games. It’s a good four minutes to be the better team in.”


It is extremely early in a very arduous season. But from here on out, I predict that Duke will only thrive. They are exhibiting some very serious talent, strength, and ability. If this team starts playing every game like they did in the last four to five minutes of the three previous games, the Blue Devils will not just thrive but start to annihilate those in their way.

Madeline Head

Sports Editor – Richmond 2day

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