Opinion: The Truth About Dave Brat, the Environment and Climate Change

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By Bert Berlin

What Dave Brat says:

“There is no doubt that we must be good stewards of the environmental treasures with which we have been blessed. As a father, I understand that the welfare of future generations depends on it.”

What Dave Brat has done.

Dave Brat sponsored, cosponsored or voted for–

1-(HR 2157) to deprive a president of authority to ban oil drilling on the continental shelf.

2-(HR 806) to weaken EPA’s ability to enforce clean air standards.

3-(HConRes 119) to declare that a carbon tax is bad for the economy

4-(HR 3281) to dispose of federal reclamation projects.

5-(Amendment to appropriation act) to prohibit EPA from enforcing Chesapeake Bay clean-up goals.

6-(HR 1119) to lower emission standards for coal-burning plants.

7-(HJRes 38) to allow coal mines to pollute rivers and streams.

8-(HR 1525) to discourage lawsuits to enforce the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act.

9-(HR 3880) to ban EPA from dealing with climate change.

10-(HJRes 36) to allow flaring of gas on Bureau of Land Management oil leases.

11-(HR 1901) to cancel tax credits for developing alternative sources of energy.

12-(HR 5538) to further reduce EPA’s ability to protect the environment.

13-(HR 4544) to ban the EPA from eliminating air pollution that affects health in other countries.

14-(HR 637) to prevent EPA from addressing greenhouses gasses in enforcing the Clean Air Act.

15-(HR1314) to eliminate EPA’s Renewable Fuel Program.

He also

–opposed President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

–supported the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate accords.

Is Dave Brat a good steward of our only planet?

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